iDog because owning a real dog is too mainstream. Haha! Loljk :> It moves through the sound of music. :)

Achievement! Whoo~

Add so my battle to create the 30 heads and 1 full body begins!

#ThisCouldBeUs but #Incest HAHA! Loljk :D Jackets cause it’s so damn cold in here

Isn’t it weird how an artwork looks better and more amazing when it’s not yet done compared to the final output of it? #ArtistProbz

Guess what I’ll be doing tonight. Hihi. :>

This is how I die tonight. Looks like I’ll be hyper tomorrow. :D

Don’t worry my babies. There will be more of you soon. ♥

Hollow Ichigo. #ichigo #kurosaki #drawing #sketch #bleach #anime

Bcuz, I so lab dem. ❤️ #piccollage